New 2013 Chromo Inc7″ Tablet – Review $60

New 2013 Chromo Inc7″ Tablet – Review

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Not the first Chromo Inc tablet to be reviewed on this website, and with the first doing so well we were excited to test out the latest offering from the Chinese manufacturer to see where, if any, improvements had been made.

Well first off, lets put this all in to perspective. Here we have a very capable 7 Inch touch screen mobile tablet computer that at present (12/11/2013) is priced at just $60. I mean how much can you really expect for so little? Yes there is WiFi, Yes it works with Youtube and Netflix without issue. Yes there is an external USB port for 3G, keyboard and other useful points. The camera works just great and it plays back all files you would want and expect a modern tablet to do, so how do they do it and where is the price justified?

Well lets start by saying I would recommend you give this one to your kids. Its by no means weak and flimsy, but there have been reports of breakages even when dropped from a low height, but obviously that is not advised anyway and one wouldn’t really expect anything electrical to work after dropping it from 60+ cm… It still feels weighty in the hand without being over cumbersome, and it really does look great. At a glance you wouldn’t be able to tell what your using and you certainly do not need to be embarrassed about this one.

For some people this tablet is going to be wonder some, although we do feel some users will get annoyed after a few weeks as its certainly not AS fast as other devices… (but remember its $60!)

For those looking for something cheap to talk to friends on SKYPE, keep up to date on Facebook, send emails and surf the net, you could do a LOT worse than the new Chromo Inc 7 Inch tablet.



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