NeuTab N7 Pro 7” Budget Table Review 2015 $49.99

NeuTab N7 Pro 7” Budget Table Review 2015

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What does $50 buy you these days? Well in terms of electronics and tablets, you would of thought it may buy you a microSD card or a USB keyboard. Well you would be wrong. Currently the price on the NeuTab N7 pro 7 inch table has been reduced from $119.99 to just $49.99! Yes over 50% off the price. Now many of you would start to think that there is obviously a reason for this drop, right? Maybe they cant sell them all, maybe its just plain rubbish. Well again, wrong. Incredibly the black Andriod version with a Quad Core processor and HD 1024 x 600 display has 4 out of 5 star reviews on Amazon. So lets dig a little deeper in to this bargain tablet and see what we find.

Upon arrival you are greeted with an exceptional well build case. It feels the part, not the lightest, not the heaviest, just a solid feel in the hand. No flimsy plastic here. The display is also above average for a tablet under 100$. Bright and deep colors and contrast, movies are not pixilated, and scrolling is smooth.

Under the hood you can expect to enjoy the Quad Core processor and 512MB of Ram, which when teamed up provide plenty of bang. Games such as Clash of Clans are fast to load and a plasure to play. More 3D intensive games however should perhaps be skipped.

Other features include built in Bluetooth, something which is regularly forgotten about on the budget devices. A decent 8 GB of on board memory. Front and back cameras, Wifi receiver and it comes with Google Play pre-installed. There is also a microSD card slot which enables you to gain up to 32 Gig extra.

This really is a great all rounder which for the price is hard to beat!

In Review:

  • 7 Inch HD Display
  • Around 5-6 hour battery life on medium usage
  • Bluetooth and WiFi built in
  • microSD card slot
  • Available in Black, White and Pink!


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