Matricom TAB Nero X2 7” Tablet Review

Matricom TAB Nero X2 7” Tablet Review

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Matricom, a lesser known electrical manufacturer have released a new version of their Nero 7” tablet computer device. Initially overlooked by our team, the Nero X2 is a worthy consideration for any budget conscious buyer. This new dual core Andriod tablet comes with absolutely everything you will need pre-installed, from the Google play store, with its lifetime of entertainment, to its dual camera design but almost most importantly, a lifetime defect warranty which means Matricom are clearly convinced this device will last.
One of our staff members even named this the best affordable tablet in its class. So why do we like it so much?
Well the fact is there is little this tablet cannot do that the bigger guns do. We installed SKYPE, Netflix and some games off the app store and all worked without issue. Yes, the Nero X2 is not as fast at loading web pages as your Neuxs 7 is, nor does it have the durable feel and lasting design that the Galaxy Tab 3 offers, but for under $80 it would not be fair to compare it to tablets that cost over three times the amount.

The new processor with its dual core processing power means this tablet will be sure to make an impact on the market, and with currently listing it on the first page of the Best Sellers, there is no doubt this is going to do well and pave the way for future Matricom offerings.

The captive multi-touch screen means its fast and responsive. There is HDMI out, and an expandable memory card slot (getting extra storage will be essential if you don’t want to get annoyed with running out after a few weeks, we suggest getting 32GB)

The battery life on high usage last only a few hours at best, but its more than enough to enjoy a movie on a plane or train, and our only other point would be to mention the low resolution camera. But we don’t buy tablets for their camera quality really now do we?

In conclusion, if you are looking to spend less than $100 on a tablet there are few other new tablets that will come close to the X2, with Netflix, Spotify, Pandora and other on-demand service sucj as HBO all working great, we are proud to give this a thumbs up from the entire Best budget Tablet team.

In review:

Dual Core Processor
4gB internal memory
Google Play pre-installed
Lifetime warranty
Front and Rear camera
HDMI Out and Expandable memory slot



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