FastTouch 7 Inch A13 AllWinner Budget Tablet Review $75

FastTouch 7 Inch A13 AllWinner Budget Tablet Review

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This budget tablet computer is a very worthy contender for tablet of the year. It covers everything from durability, speed and performance, with the looks to match. The latest offering from FastTouch AllWinner is this cheap $75 mobile tablet device that has been awarded universal praise from reviewers and general users alike. A look at the Amazon reviews shows comments from “This tablet was easy to set up and came with lots of wonder full apps“, “Its very nice for the price.”, “After owning this tablet for a month I am extremely happy with my purchase”

The happy owners list just goes on and on…

So what can it do, well pretty much everything you would expect, and then some.. users looking for a device to use casually would be hard pressed to find a better deal. Browsing online was seamless and enjoyable, video playback excellent, Netflix and Youtube work without issues using the apps provided.

The sound quality could be better, but for this price we couldn’t complain too much… so whats the down side… Well in all fairness the only thing that could be better (it wasn’t the worst we have tested) was the battery life. Everyone always wants as much juice out of their technology as possible, whether it be a smartphone or more capable tablet, we want them to last all day on one charge. Well with low usage you will get to evening, but if you are on it all day you will be lucky to see out 3 hours. Yes, it is enough time to watch your favorite movie on a flight, but more intense use would require a back up battery or solar charger…

Feature include mini usb port, expandable memory slot, working playstore, front facing camera for webcam (SKYPE etc..), light weight, portable and durable.




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