Dragon Touch 9-Inch Android Tablet Review $99

Dragon Touch 9-Inch Android Tablet Review

  • Price
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  • Speed

We had a hell of a lot of good thing to say about the Dragon Touch 7″ tablet back in February, so when we finally go tour hands on the 9″ version we thought we half knew what to expect…

On the surface, it was very much the same story, with a very stylish looking glossy black tablet with Dragon Touch little finishes and cool logo on the rear. It felt good in the hand, weighty but not heavy, just right to give a solid durable feel to it. The new 9 Inch version also have a slight upgraded processos, however its not by much and the RAM is 512mb like the 7″. But the real difference with this one is the 800×480 pixel nine inch screen. I have said it before and I will say it again, 10+ inches tablets just do not sit right in myhands, and 7 inch tablets are great until you want to stream a movie or play a game. The screen size is perfect for almost everything, and the display quality is to match leaving me very happy.

When you cosider the price, $99, its easy to see why so many people have gone out and got one already, and even at the original list price of $260 it was a lot of kit for the money with most major larger screen tablets over the $300 mark.

The battery life is also solid, lasting the day no problem on medium use. There is a front facing camera which is not great quality but sufficient for SKYPE. It also come pre-installed with flash player. A useful tool considering so many lack flash viewing capabilities.

I read a review by another owner who said it was a mid range tablet at a low price, and that it is. With all this for just $99 it is easy to see why.

In Review:

  • 9″ 800×480 pixel display
  • Android OS
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Good battery Life
  • Front facing camera




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