Tablet or Laptop? What is Best for Me?

Tablet or Laptop? What is Best for Me?

Tablet or Laptop? Whats Best for Me?

From a distance, there is little to separate a Tablet from a Laptop. Both portable devices allow you to surf the internet, watch movies and work on the go.

So if both are so similar, why has the tablet started to dominate sales across the US and the World?

For me personally there is no comparison. I sit here typing this article on my stylish Kindle Fire while at the breakfast table sipping my morning coffee. So below I will list in simple terms why I think tablets will soon take over the portable electronic market.

  1. Technology – The technology to make these ultra-light, super-fast devices is astounding. The ability to do what they do all day, silently without heating up or slowing down is incredible in itself. But the ability to do all this as fast as the average Laptop is why tablets win this round.
  2. Ease of Use – Since the release of touch screen on phones, everyone from the elderly to young children have been able to enjoy the wonders of the internet and modern technology. My grandparents own one, my 4 year old daughter uses mine. It helps keep people in touch and all with a swish and tap of your finger.
  3. Price – As you will see when reading my reviews, the price of some of these tablets seem just too good to be true. Now you can enjoy the wonders of these great devices for under $100. Now I do not like the word cheap, so I wont use it… but the term value for money could not put it better

Other than the above, they are nicer to look at, easier to carry, more mobile and do pretty much everything your laptop can. They come with hundreds of free applications that you can download with an application designed for just about everything! Sure it can not replace your work horse PC, but who wants to take their work home with them anyway?

To conclude there isnt any real right or wrong answer on what is best, only you can decide on what is right for you, but I hope my short article above gives you some more idea.

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