Best Android Tablets – Top 5 Android Tablets August 2013

Best Android Tablets – Top 5 Android Tablets August 2013

There is no doubt tablet computers are starting to take over, they really do seem everywhere and the best thing is that they keep getting better. While many may indeed run off to buy the iPad on mini, there is certainly no shortage of Android tablets on the market that can more than just compete…

Finding which tablet is the best however will depend on a few features, and ultimately whether you are willing to blow $400+ or want to keep it to a more moderate price $300 and below.
We have compiled a short list of our favorite top 5 Android tablets, ranging from the crem de la crem to less expensive models suitable for any budget.
Our list is compiled of the latest tablets from August 2013 and are all very competent tools full of features:


5: The New Google nexus 7 FHD – As if the first offering of the Nexus 7 was not good enough, the new device is an absolute wonder with its powerful quad core processor and ultra-sharp display, this really is a contender for anyone to consider against the iPad mini.
Price: $290
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4: Asus TFT700T-B1-GR 10.1 Inch – Full of features from the outside in, Asus really went to town here to create what must be seen as an all-round winner. From its awesome looking outer skin to the power behind the hood The Asus TFT700T is for only the most disconcerting of buyers and will leave anyone with a smile after use.
Price: $421
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3: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – Having recently had a massive price slash on a popular online store, the Note 10.1 had to beat the Asus if only for its universal acclaim by current users around the world. We love the Note for its design and the fact it comes with a handy pen. This feature alone had us playing with the tablet for hours and it will have you doing things you cane belive with ease.
Price: $450
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2: Generic Ainol Novo7 Venus – I told you there would be an affordable tablet in our top list, and here it is. If you never heard of it then now is the time to read up. This tablet is currently under 140 bucks and for that you get a quad core 7 inch tablet with HDMI output amongst other awesome features.
Price: $139
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1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10 Inch – When the tab 3 finally arrived it was received with overwhelming universal praise. Its SDRAM, Atom processor and new operating system have made other tablets take a good long look at their futures. There is no doubt any buyer of this tablet will be looking at owning a future proof device for a few years to come.
Price: $330
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