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You are probably here for reasons much like myself when I first heard about the latest must have. In fact it wasn’t so much hearing about the tablet. No, it was more when I first saw my friend using hers. Its just one of those thing that you want to touch, feel and use. Sarah will not hold a grudge when I tell you she is not particularly technical when it comes to such things, but the way she browsed all sorts of quirky applications in the short time I met her was just amazing and it was something I immediately clicked with and knew I needed to have.

So the next obvious step for me was to jump online to find some more information about them. I wanted to know what features they had, what were their limits, and what one would be best for me. I must have search 20 sites, but all I found was weak information from people talking technical rubbish. Not to mention the shear amount of tablets available.  Should I just shut my eyes and point to the screen? How much should I spend? I didn’t want to get a low end one and end up disappointed constantly wishing I spent an extra $50 – $100.

This was a year ago. Now, I can tell you I have tried 20+ tablets from the notorious Apples to the sleek Samsung Galaxy. And what have I found? That the more you spend is most definitely not the be all when it comes to choosing one of these products. For the most part, the average person like you and me, will not need a super HD screen with multi-core processors. We just want a sharp looking tool that wont let us down.

So i am happy to see you made it this far, now go read my latest articles on tablet under $300 and make the most of my experience and expertise with the future proof gadget.

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